Alexius Grill Brush, Stainless Steel Bristles

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Cleaning with the traditional brush is a very hard task. An ordinary grill brush takes a lot of effort and does not clean properly also. An effective grill brush is required to reach to the hardest of the surface.

With this versatile grill brush, you can reach to the remotest part of the grill for cleaning. It has the angular head that makes it easy to clean the toughest spots without burning. Handle is very strong and does not break when using on tough surfaces with force. Enjoy the family get together with yummy and tasty barbecue.


Three in one brush
This brush can clean the same area five times faster than ordinary brush. It can effortlessly clean the top, bottom and sides of the grill grates. It cleans grease, debris and food. 

It is made of stainless steel woven wire. The handle is light and made from high-quality plastic. This brush lasts for a longer period of time. 

It is a versatile brush. It is used on all types of grills. This is the powerful yet gentle brush that remove grime and residue from porcelain coated, ceramic, char broil, cast iron and stainless steel. It does not require scratching.

High quality stainless steel bristles
Its stainless bristles allows the easily removal of food, grease without scratching. It does not damage the surface.

Long and study Polypropylene handle
With the long handle you can use both of your hands. The minimal effort is required to clean. It keeps you safe from heat generated by barbecue grill. It is made from sturdy polypropylene material. There is a loop at the end of the handle for storage.


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