Alexius Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer for BBQ, Grilling, etc

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BBQ Thermometer


Do you find difficulty in taking the temperature reading of your food items? Does it become difficult to take the reading while grilling or cooking? Don’t worry, we have a versatile thermometer that has the widest range of temperature. It is a multipurpose thermometer that can be used for taking the temperature of all the food products.

Easy and convenient to use. It is a foldable thermometer having the smart design. It has an LCD display for temperature. 


Super- fast thermometer
It gives you the quick reading in 4-6 seconds. Easy to carry and store in a drawer. It is a versatile product for kitchen, outdoor cooking, meat, coffee, milk and much more.

Temperature chart
You can quickly check the ideal temperature of your pork, lamb, beef, chicken, turkey or fish.

It has auto-shut off. You can save your battery life. It is a stainless foldable thermometer. You can pull out from the probe and take the temperature of your food and read the temperature digitally. It comes with magnet.

Wide range of temperature
It has a wide range of temperature from -58 degree F to 572 degree F.

LCD display
It has large LCD screen and easy to read. This thermometer gives accurate reading in just few seconds

60 Day Money Back
1 Year Warranty

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