Alexius Wine Stoppers

Alexius Wine Stoppers

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Wine Bottle Stoppers By Alexius: Pack Of 12 Rubber Wine Preservers – Airtight Vacuum Stoppers For Glass Wine Bottles – Reusable Wine Savers To Keep Your White, Red And Rose Wine Fresh For Longer

KEEP YOUR WINE FRESH FOR LONGER: Did you open a wine bottle, but did not drink all of it? Don’t try to seal it with its cork. The wine will go bad soon and you will no longer be able to drink it. Instead, use the Alexius rubber wine bottle stoppers. The airtight vacuum stoppers will keep the taste and the aroma of your wine fresh for much longer! So don’t rush to drink your wine and don’t throw it away!

EASY TO INSERT AND REMOVE: Don’t you hate it when a wine cork gets shattered as you try to remove it or seal the wine bottle? Then millions of tiny cork pieces fall into your wine and ruin the taste. Thanks to the reusable rubber wine preservers, this won’t be a problem anymore! You can now remove the wine saver and insert it again fast and effortlessly.

SAFE FOR YOUR HEALTH: Here at Alexius, your health is our top priority. For this reason, we’ve made sure that the wine vacuum stopper is 100% safe for you. The rubber material of the wine bottle stopper is nontoxic. Plus, the wine saver is a very hygienic solution since it is washable. This airtight stopper won’t let anything get into the wine bottle. The Alexius rubber wine stoppers won’t harm your health; in fact, they will protect it!

12 WINE SAVERS FOR WINE LOVERS: Are you having a house party? Don’t worry if there are many unfinished wine bottles. The Alexius wine bottle stoppers come in a pack of 12, so that you can preserve many wines at once. Use them for white, red and rose wine. The reusable wine savers can fit all wine bottles, so it doesn’t matter if the leftover wines come from different brands.

GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: Get the Alexius wine bottle stoppers and try them out. See how well they seal your wine bottles and how fresh your wine remains thanks to their airtight vacuum design. However, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the reusable wine preservers, we will refund you. Thanks to our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, this is a risk-free purchase, so don’t hold back!

Don’t Throw Away Your Leftover Wine!

You probably paid a lot for that bottle of wine and its taste is delicious! So if there is any wine left in the bottle, don’t throw it away, you can drink it later.

But don’t use the bottle cork to seal your wine! The delicious wine will lose its aroma and its taste will become flat. So what can you do?

Introducing The Reusable Rubber Wine Stoppers!

You can now keep your leftover wine fresh for much longer by sealing the wine bottle with the Alexius airtight vacuum stoppers.

The wine preservers will not let the alcohol evaporate and they will keep the aroma of the wine trapped in the bottle.

So when you’ll want another glass of wine, it will still taste as deliciously as when you first opened the bottle!

This One Is For The Wine Lovers!

If you’re a wine lover, then you’re probably going to need more than just one wine bottle stopper. Thankfully, Alexius is here for you.

This pack includes 12 wine savers so that you can preserve many bottles of different wines and brands at once.

The Alexius rubber wine stoppers are washable, so you can clean them and use them again and again.

Plus, they’re nontoxic and, therefore, 100% safe for your health. Your wine and your health are in good hands!

A Risk-Free Purchase!

In the unlikely case that you’re not completely satisfied with the reusable wine bottle stoppers, we will refund you!

Alexius offers you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to place an order!


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