Alexius Watermelon Slicer, Cake Slicer

  • $5.99

With the start of the summer season we always thought of having some sweet juicy fruit. Water melon is such a fruit. We know that slicing this fruit is quite difficult. But we are offering you a very unique solution that not only provides an easy and attractive slicing. The food looks yummy and tempting when they appear attractive. So, this watermelon slicer solves all these problems. You can have a perfect slicing in the right shape and size. Many people avoid slicing the watermelon, so the solution comes in the form of watermelon slicer. It is very difficult to slice this fruit. You can crave this watermelon that is ready to eat.

Not only this act as a watermelon slicer but the cake slicer as well. When you have a cake in front of you, it is very difficult to resist yourself from eating it. Just remember to slice the cake before going mad at the cake. It not only slice the cakes, but helps to pick it too. As with other slicer they only slice the cake but don’t help to pick the slice.

This watermelon slicer and cake slicer is made from high-quality stainless steel and plastic handle. It is rust proof and water-resistant. It does not get destroyed with the effect of other chemicals, sunlight and heat. It is very easy to clean as it can be washed by hand or in a dish washer. It is a perfect tool to have in your kitchen. It is safe for the kids. It does not have sharp edges. Your kids can also use this to slice the cakes or fruits and serve them. It is a very handy tool that make your life very convenient and easy. Just slice the fresh fruit and enjoy them seamlessly. Pick this very useful tool for your kitchen else you will regret it. Shop for your green color watermelon slicer

  • Stunning design- It has a very unique design. You can easily and comfortably handle this and perform the important chores. It allows you to cut the cut fruit easily without losing the grip.
  • Power of slicing- It has a unique composition. You can cut clean and quick slices of watermelon. You can also use cut and make slices of other fruits like honeydews and cantaloupes. Just blink your eyes and the fruit is cut. These fruits are so hard to cut that you can sweat like anything. 
  • Cake slices- This cuts the slices of cake in the perfect size. 
  • Safe- It has rounded edges with non-sharp edges. It is very safe for children and kids. You don’t have to worry about any kind of injury or accidents.
  • Genuine material- It is made from hundred percent stainless steel and high-end plastic. 


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