Alexius Sausage Stuffer, Sausage Maker

  • $92.00

Red color metallic sausage stuffer, stainless steel, strong, sturdy, durable, have a long shelf life, easy to operate, best sausage stuffer, Meat maker filer stainless steel, convenient to use, easy cleaning.

This metallic stuffer is an easy to use tool that allows stuffing your own sausage quickly. It contains stable metal frame and base. It has a stainless steel cylinder with aluminum plunger. It has a very strong and sturdy all metal high-torque gearing.

This metallic saucer make the life simple and convenient. It is very easy to load and clean. It can be easily tilt and pull out to remove the stainless steel cylinder. All the gear are made from metal. The plastic gears are prone for breaking. It has aluminum piston that allows air to get release from valve. The piston is surrounded with the rubber gasket.

It is very easy to operate both for the beginners as well as professionals. We have this metallic sausage stuffer in very attractive red color. Now you can enjoy your favorite sausages in few minutes only.


Metallic body
This metal sausage stuffer is made from stainless steel cylinder. It has strong and stable metal base with crank. All pistons and gears are constructed of sturdy metal.

Easy to clean
This metallic saucer stuffer gets disassembles very easily. It is very easy for cleaning as well as convenient for storage.

There are four plastic nozzles of four different sizes- 10 mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40 mm.

Cylinder of this metallic saucer stuffer can be tilted easily. It allows convenient filling and draining. It is very easy to operate and is noise free.

The piston have an air release valve that allows air to escape. This process prevent the stuffer from overheating.

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